Inspired by the European-style vibe, our wedding venue within the Basilica Zone was created with elegance and enchantment.

Overall architecture and decoration are both aesthetic and functional. Symbols representing love, loyal, and commitment are cleverly placed in harmony with the venue. Along the rocks of our 7-layer waterfall, hornbill statues reflect the one true love. A stream of the waterfall flowing into the surrounding pool symbolizes a serene and refreshing marriage life.

Resembling the Spanish Steps, a 10-step stairway is located close by along with 7-8 marble white Corinthian Columns similar to the Ancient Rome City. The area can be used for the presentation of the bride and groom, cake cutting, and bouquet tossing – providing exceptional romantic photos and emotions. The Garden of Eden or The Paradise Garden of Adam and Eve is located further. The venue is decorated with Roman statues, such as Cupid and Venus as if your wedding is being witnessed by the Gods and Goddesses of Love and bided by the Latin proverb Amor Sempvternus – meaning, the Forever Love.

3 wedding halls are available, both outdoor and indoor. Taverna is suitable for a morning engagement ceremony. Basilica and Cortile are ideal for an after-sunset wedding ceremony. The capacity can accommodate up to 300 – 2,000 honored guests of all statuses with an area of over 24,000 square meters and a parking space for over 1,500 vehicles.

The Ringing of Wedding Bell is the highlight activity of this zone. 1 large wedding bell and 2 of the smaller sizes are available for the bride and groom to ring with their holding hands. 3 wedding bell chimes will resonate within the entire venue, announcing the official and perfect beginning of the marriage life.

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