Kids or adults, regular exercise is necessary for people of all ages – whether it is half an hour daily, every other day, or at least 3 times a day. Especially for children, they require specialized training from the expert to enhance healthy growth and development suitable to their ages. 

Kid’s Fitness is an exercise program based on the PLP Fitness Center module, specially designed for kids between 4 – 15 years old. Each program has different difficulty levels, according to the age and development of each child. Available programs are as follows:

Balance Enhancement Program

A training focuses on the harmony between the development of each kid with nature and growth. The program is available for a small child of 4 years old to teenage 15 years old such as maintaining balance on a bar or bosu ball. Apart from balance skill enhancement, it is also a concentration practice for children.

Agility Enhancement Program

To achieve an agile movement skill, a practice of correct running skill is needed, such as running to pick up objects or obstacle running. The program helps increase agility and dexterity, as well as strengthens muscles and enhances well-being.

Height Boosting Program

Kids of previously mentioned ages should grow and increase in height accordingly. If the height of a child does not meet the standard, additional exercise and bone fortification are necessary. Jumping, such as on a trampoline, obstacle jump, ball-hitting jump and spinning jump, helps boost Growth Hormone release which affects the healthy growth of the body such as height.

Muscle Strengthening Program

Girls and boys are different in muscle and bone masses. Therefore, they require exercise programs with different levels of intensity for distinct parts of muscles such as legs, shoulders, back, and major muscle groups.

Concentration, Aptitude, Agility, and Vision Enhancement Program

This is a development program for emotional skills. The training aims to create focus, increase learning skills, and obtain the ability to maintain calmness by practicing concentration on one particular activity, without being distracted.

Kid’s Fitness Plan (Age 4 – 15 years old)
4 Months
9 Months
18 Months
Price (THB)

All of the above mentioned programs of Kid’s Fitness promote growth in both physical and emotional intelligence for the children simultaneously to cultivate a strong and healthy body as well as a great mind. 



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