The Best Restaurant in Bangkok

The Best Restaurant in Bangkok

10 October 2015

The Best Restaurant in Bangkok

If you are looking for the best restaurant in Bangkok to serve you with the best ambiance, foods and dishes, then Phothalai Restaurant is your one-stop destination. This fabulous and high class restaurant offers a wide variety of foods including Asian and Western Cuisines. Located in the finest of nature, Phothalai Restaurant boasts of a surrounding nourished by natural waterfalls, beautiful atmosphere with a calming and therapeutic ambiance, and mountains which complement the landscape outlook. If you make the decision to have an enjoyable time here, you will have one of the most memorable moments on your holiday. In Bangkok, Phothalai Restaurant ranks as the best in terms of service, quality and variety. All of this dedicated to create the best value for customers on holiday. To ensure that customers and holiday goers have the best experience, they provide a variety of services, each tailored to your taste and preference.

International Food

To become the best restaurant in Bangkok, Phothalai Restaurant has taken the ranks to bring in foods from all over the globe. To make you feel home while you are away. This remarkable service is exclusive to Phothalai Restaurant where you can enjoy your favorite food and drink, with a blend of foreign touch to it. In the Birdie and Courtyard section of the restaurant, you can be sure to have the very best of your time. Birdie and Courtyard is a uniquely designed dining zone that allows you to have intimate and cozy dining experience in a spacious and open atmosphere. Here, you can indulge in any type of Asian and Western foods which are served in both classic and modern fashions, whichever you choose to go with. Also coming along, you can enjoy all types of drinks, wines and beverages served to you. All this is done to you at surprisingly affordable prices, to give you the best value for your money. If you feel like you would want to taste some more, you can take a culinary trip to sample foods from local palettes coming from all over the world. In the culinary experience, you will get foods from eastern and western selections all sampled for you, and an additional variety in between from other places around the world. After that, you can opt to have some fun and hangout with your family, friends or colleagues in the designated hangout places while having endless options for variety such as boutique wines, draught beers and artisanal cocktail mixes.

Mediterranean-Chinese Food

When you yearn and long for a delightful cuisine, you will know where to head to in the best restaurant in Bangkok. In the Canton of Pholothai Restaurant, you will quench your desire for exotic Chinese cuisine which has been prepared with the highest culinary experience. It is then lifted with a mix of Western influence to make it perfect. You can also enjoy other Mediterranean-Chinese cuisine in an enchanting atmosphere on which the Canton is set. With this and much more, Phothalai Restaurant has become the best Restaurant in Bangkok offering the best cuisines.

Food and beverage

At the Restaurant’s bay lounge, you will be served with a wide variety of snacks and drinks at driving range. The snacks are accompanied with light foods and a beverage. If you like privacy, then all that is catered for in the private bay lounge where you can still enjoy your snack and beverage. This service is provided at the highest level of efficiency and elegance to ensure professionalism and ultimate satisfaction. 

Private Wine bar

A private wine bar is available with the Wine Cavern. The Wine Cavern is specially designed and includes a VIP room which will give you an ultimate dining experience found nowhere else. The VIP room can host your guests from 12 to 24 guests, and spacious enough to accommodate all your activities of merry. You can also have your events and occasions in the Wine Cavern, which is only accessible upon booking or special requests and exclusive events. Once in the Wine Cavern, the experience is totally different and quite intimidating  in a good way as you and your guest will be mesmerized by the likeness of the walls, ceiling and floor to that of a winery constructed in a real Cavern.

Wine Shop

Above the Wine Cavern, is the Wine market which gives you a myriad of wine options to select and buy for takeaway. This includes premium wines selected from the best brands. The Wine Market is large and designed in modern fashion including the beautiful interior.

Wine Saloon

Do you have a taste for old wine? Well, at the Wine Saloon, you will get the best selection of both new and old wine. Served to you as you would like. This includes wine cocktails, champagne, Lambrusco and other wine selections.

Laser and Water show

At the best restaurant in Bangkok, Phothalai Restaurant, entertainment is a special part of customer treatment. For this reason, a world class water show and laser show is always up on display every Thursday - Sunday at 8 pm. The water show uses the latest technology to bring out the effects including a Three Dimension water curtain, incorporating brilliant colors, lights and sounds. The result is a marvelous experience to make up your evening time.

Beautiful Architecture

As the best restaurant in Bangkok, Phothalai Restaurant has one of the best modern and classic architectural designs which enhance the outward appearance while complementing the surrounding landscape. The restaurant is designed in Spanish Architecture, and combined with nature’s best such as beautiful flower beds, water streams and greeneries. The flowers are selected from the scented ones which ooze with color and aroma scents.

If you are looking for a getaway experience, Phothalai restaurant is your one-stop destination for all your travel, food and drink experiences. With a lot of activities and merry making options, it certainly should be one of your bookmarked destinations of the year. You will get the best value for your money as the pricing is cheap and friendly and have a good time all the same. When you are looking for the best restaurant in Bangkok, there’s one place that should come to mind, Phothalai Restaurant.