How good is Thai massage for golfer?

1 April 2016
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How good is Thai massage for golfer?

Problems that often occur with golfers are injuries from back, hand, wrists, shoulders and knees. All of those body parts together are all important in a golf swing.

Those injuries occur from incorrect swing. When problems occur you should consult an orthopedic immediately. You might have to stop playing golf for a little while depending on the injuries so you can recover.

For injuries prevention we have our Thai massage to relax your muscle and increase flexibility which should go side by side with every golfer.
Phothalai Wellness and Longevity has developed “Asian Blend” which is a massage program that has gained its popularity, created by the famous Wat-Pho massage blending with yoga stretches to balance out the flexibility which lead to better mobility and also can help with some minor injuries.

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