PLP Kid's Fitness Programme

1 九月 2558

Kid’s Fitness @Phothalai Leisure Park 

Exercise for children today is the basis for good health in the future …

Exercise in childhood is an important part of raising children that parents or guardians should not overlook, because it helps to make the body of your child strong and healthy.  In addition, it leads to good mental health. It also enhances development in children so that they can grow physically and mentally commensurate with their age. Parents and guardians should hence change the children’s daily activities by introducing exercise to replace non-creative activities, such as playing games or watching TV. So please ask yourself: did your children exercise today to establish the basis of proper physical health?
Leisure Park is a good solution to offer the place for exercise for your children since we provide exercise programs specially designed for children. The programs are divided into several difficulty levels according to age and extent of the development of children in each of the following age groups:
Ages 4-6
1.      Program to promote balance 
2.      Program to promote agility
3.      Program to promote height growth
4.      Program to promote muscle strength
Ages 7-9  
1.        Program to promote agility (extending the distance)
2.        Program to promote muscle strength (increasing the number of rounds)
3.        Program to promote height (extending the time)
4.        Program to promote balance (extending the time and adding more devices)
5.        Program to promote the strength of the cardiopulmonary system
Ages 10-14
1.      Program to promote agility by jumping (increasing the height of the device and extending the time)
2.      Program to promote height (increasing the cycles and extending the time)
3.      Program to promote concentration, perception, judgement swiftness and vision (accommodate the devices according to their color and size; using time as the determinant)
4.      Program to promote muscle strength (increasing the strength and readiness of the muscles by using weights and promoting skills of martial arts of Thai boxing and self-defense)
5.      Program to promote balance (trying more difficult postures, such as sitting and standing movement on a half-size exercise ball)
6.      Program to promote the strength of the cardiopulmonary system

Do you know what long-term advantage exercise will bring to us?

1. Children will have increased immunity because exercise helps to build stronger immunity.
2. Bones of children will develop correctly. Children will have strong bones and increased bone mass, leading to increased stature as well as reduction of the risk of bone diseases when they reach old age.
3. Operation of organs within the body and blood circulation will be enhanced. Blood circulation to the brain will be increased to reduce the risk of memory disorders when they reach old age and to enable the generation of more brain cells.
4. Improve children’s thinking, memory and concentration.
5.  Children will gain self –confidence, self-respect and confidence to express themselves and will learn how to live with others.
6.  Foster children’s love to play sports which can lead to becoming future athletes.

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